Where do you get your can flats????

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Where do you get your can flats???? Empty Where do you get your can flats????

Post by KHolland on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:51 pm

Just wondering who everyone is using as can flat suppliers.

Up until this summer, we have strictly bottle conditioned all of our beer, so we are still a little new to the canning game. We have had the most grief with flimsy boxes that can't withstand the conditions of cold storing beer.

To combat the boxes from turning soggy and falling apart, we have rigged up our bottling line conveyor to spray the cans with hot water (to minimize sweating) and go through a little air knife tunnel to dry them off. This has helped greatly with the dampness of the boxes, but are still looking for a packaging upgrade.

We have been through 2 different kinds of flats already which we are not a fan of, and are looking to obtain new branded boxes. I guess I am just looking to see who is supplying everyone's boxes, what precautions people are taking to avoid boxes falling apart, and how easy the companies have been to work with on the branding side.

Lots of questions



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Where do you get your can flats???? Empty Re: Where do you get your can flats????

Post by pintpursuits on Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:49 am

We use Royal Containers. Good minimum quantities, quick turnaround. We've done folded and glue trays with them, so they'll already have the templates for 24 pack of cans. We opt for the WRA option, which (I don't know all the technical terms) is a water resistant layer to combat the issue you are talking about.

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